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CC_Guide_Visual"How to avoid 3 of the costliest sales and marketing mistakes..."

Your essential FREE Guide to getting the most out of managing your customer list...

This volume is written by a professional sales manager who has summarised three of the key issues that sales teams have and provides solutions that will increase your sales and make your life easier.

This is the first of many volumes to be presented over the forthcoming months. Watch this space.

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An Introduction to CloudCrowd

Demonstration of CloudCrowd

‘Getting customers, keeping them and making good decisions is what business is all about…’

With CloudCrowd you can build and manage your prospects & customers, close more deals and get more out of them whilst servicing them better and for longer. Successful businesses get more done and our Daily action list and visual and audible reminders make sure action takes place.

Most CRM tools neglect marketing but not CloudCrowd. There are several great features built in to help marketing generate leads and build the brand. There is an area to list and track marketing campaigns, a built in email marketing tool, you can track from origin to conversion with ease and do more of what works.

Salespeople love it because it is so easy and quick to use. It increases their ability to up-sell and cross-sell. The information they need to close deals and establish the highest value deals is all available and recorded to work with. This will become essential in building the correct types of relationships, with the prospects and customers to maximise staff productivity. CloudCrowd gets sales and marketing collaborating and When sales and marketing work together the results are maximised. All your customer information, in one easy to access place.

Our affordable Pay-as-You Go no contract facility gives you the peace of mind you need, whilst trying it out ensuring it is a good fit for your business.

This amazing business building tool was created with start-ups and small businesses in mind.

Everyone tells you how important accounts, sales, marketing etc are for your business but the fact is your customer base is or will be the biggest asset you have.

CloudCrowd will help you get customers, keep customers, resell, up-sell, calibrate them, market to them, follow up leads and it will even remind you to carry out important tasks.

The most successful businesses in the world understand the value of their client base.

Help to fast track your business growth with CloudCrowd.

• At a glance customer overview
• Monitor sales team performance
• View project status
• Increase customer retention
• Improve customer service
• Audible & Visual task reminders
• Secure data with auto backup
• Real time data visible 24/7/365 where ever you are
• Scalable as you grow
• Increase cross selling and up-selling opportunities
• Increases reorders
• All purchase activity is clearly shown and can be used to accurately sell more and deliver great customer service
• Fast search facility
• To do action list
• Secure data
• Easy data import and export
• Monitor customer service issues
• Bird’s eye view of your customers
• No contracts
• Integral bulk emailing facility with auto sequencer
• Monitor purchase trends
• Nothing to install
• All customer interactions recorded
• Cloud based so nothing to install
• Marketing campaign scheduled area
• Monitor customer purchase history
• Follow up reminders
• Raised customer satisfaction levels
• Ability to anticipate customers needs
• Improves sales marketing efforts
• Increase sales conversions

If you already have a decent size database you may want to consider becoming a CloudCrowd reseller. Help your customers, whilst making some money for yourself. Find out more HERE.”